Virtual World Solar Challenge
UNSW Photovoltaics

This competition commences 1 September 2005 at 9am and finishes at 11.59pm on 2 October 2005. 

This contest was designed to be an educational exercise to stimulate interest in Photovoltaic technologies. It is simple and so are the rules. Our intention is to educate and not get involved in legal battles over the competition. If you think you might take it too seriously then please do not enter! 

The contest is open to students from Secondary Schools in Australia. In states where this contest contravenes local or any law the entry will not be eligible for a prize. If you are not sure just enter and have a go for the fun of testing your skills! 

Secondary School: We define Secondary School as any accredited educational institution in Australia covering Years 7-12. 

Students from Schools outside Australia may submit an entry for fun but will not be eligible for any prizes. Students may enter as many times as they wish. 

Should more than 1 entrant achieve the best result then the entry that was first received will win the prize. (This means get your entry in as early as possible!) 

Should the Internet or any computer systems crash and we are unable to accept your entry we are sorry and hope you have better luck next race. 

We have tried hard to minimise errors, should an error occur that affects the contest outcome we reserve the right to withdraw the prize. We do not accept responsibility for any errors in the information provided on our web pages or in the contest information. 

The name of our winning entrant will appear on our WWW page by 10th October 2005. The winner will be advised through the email address they supplied in their game entry. 

Immediate families of persons working or studying at the Centre for Photovoltaic Engineering are not eligible for prizes. 

The prize will be awarded to the best entry received at close of competition. Should the prizes remain unclaimed after the 31st December 2005 we reserve the right to reallocate the prizes. 

The School nominated by the winning entry will receive the 2005 Centre for Photovoltaic Engineering Virtual World Solar Challenge School's Prize Plaque and a cheque for $100. The winning student will receive the 2005 Centre for Photovoltaic Engineering Virtual World Solar Challenge Student's Prize Plaque and a cheque for $300. The runner-up shall receive a cheque for $100.